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Although the autumn is here, it doesn’t mean the weddings are gone until next summer. On the contrary, lots of brides love this season because they can move easier with huge dresses or they can wear a certain model, which is not suitable for other seasons because of the weather.

In addition to that, many brides want a photo session in a romantic place, mostly at a palace or castle, in the autumn, among a coppery leaves carpet. It is a gorgeous frame and many brides know that thing and all they can do is hope that the weather will be pleasant and it will not rain in the most important day of their life.

And because the wedding is not only about the bride and the groom or about the bride’s dress, you have to know that all the other guests try to make everything right in the wedding day. They respect the wedding theme’s code dress (if it exists) or they are responsible with organizational tasks (if they agree with that) or they are simply beside the bride and the groom, as bridesmaids or men of honor.

After the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids dresses are the most appreciated, given the fact that they are in the center of attention at the church, at the party or at the photo session. So, the bridesmaid dresses should not put the bride’s dress in a wrong light, these dresses should complete it and to be in tone with the party theme and the dominant colors.

If they don’t want to, the bridesmaids should not wear the same dress or the same type of dress, or identical colors as the other bridesmaids, but rather they can complete each other. Moreover, it is known that in the last years, the trend is that the bridesmaids dresses to be made from different fabrics and in different colors.

And if you are looking for bridesmaids dresses, you have to take a look at Pickedlooks, because you can find very attractive dresses and prices. And to see what I am talking about, I will show you two of my favorite dresses from this online store, which I consider suitable for an autumn wedding.

I like the first one, Chiffon Scoop Neck Floor-length A-line Pleats Bridesmaid Dress, because of its simple but elegant design. It is the type of dress that stands out in a pleasant way and don’t put the other dresses in a shadow cone (especially the bride’s dress). It is made of chiffon and has floor length. It costs 117.99$ and you can order it in many colors, as you prefer.

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The second dress, Chiffon Scoop Neck Floor-length Sheath/Column Lace Bridesmaid Dress, is my favorite. It has a special pattern, the waist is stressed with a thick cordon, and on the back it has two lace straps. I like the natural waist of the dress and the column shape. It costs 119.15$ and it can be ordered too in many colors. Also, for about 20$, you can choose your own custom size, if you want the dress to fit perfectly on your body.

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So, if you want bridesmaid dresses, now you know where to find the most beautiful ones, at special prices.

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