Beautiful backpacks for girls

Even since Antiquity people started manufacturing purses helping them carrying food, so we can easily say antique purses are today’s bags ancestors. Nowadays we use to fill our bags up when we leave from home to wherever we’re going.

Today there are so many types of bags, thousands of models for every budget and every taste. We can find bags for both women and men, elegant ones, casual, a little bit sporty, backpacks, travel bags, clutches and so on. Our lifes would simply be empty without bags

This year though, backpacks have become more and more popular and that makes me happy. Plus, backpacks have been reinvented: there aren’t just sporty, but instead are made to look like bigger casual bags with straps. They can be worn and suited to lots of outfits, without thinking we have a backpack with us when we are on heeled shoes or heeled boots and wearing a more casual – elegant outfit.

And because I couldn’t have skipped the backpacks trend, I will show three backpacks for girls which I’ve included in my wishlist and I could wear with many styles of clothes.

The first one is the Small Black Patchwork Fringed Multifunctional Retro PU Backpacks for Women. You already know this is fringes’ year and this kind of backpack looks absolutely nice. It’s retro style and looks very, very good inserted in both a casual or a elegant outfit. Not to mention is also very spacious so it’s also good for work. You can buy it for just 22$.

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The second backpack is the Easy Matching PVC Casual Backpacks with Belt Buckle For Women. Is a backpack to wear in the city, when going to work (it out oufit lets you), but you can even use it for nights out. Its colour is beautiful, suiting it for casual and sporty days and it costs 24.50$

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Last, but nost least, is the Blue Cartoon Prints Embellishment Backpacks for Girls in Japan and Korean Style Canvas. It’s perfect for a casual outfit but also a more sportier one. Highschool and college girls will simply love it for being spacious and comfortable. It’s all yours for just 21.50$

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These backpacks and many more are easy to find on and just look for other things as well since prices are good and products interesting. What’s your take on the backpacks I’ve chosen?

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