About cat eye glasses and where to find them

Eyeglasses can be a stylish accessory or… something to be ashamed of. In order to enjoy eyeglasses, you should choose them correctly. First, choose a pair that matches your face shape. Then choose the right materials. Maybe some pairs of glasses seem too heavy and uncomfortable. So you have to choose according to your needs and you have to choose only what suits you.

Nowadays there are many models of eyeglasses from you can choose. It is important to choose a qualitative pair of glasses that fit perfectly. Eyeglasses are divided into several categories depending on their shape: aviator, cat eye, oval, round, browline, geometric and rectangle.

Next, we’ll discuss cat eye glasses and what kind of girl it suits. Cat eye glasses became popular in the 1960s when Hollywood stars wore them. Cat eye glasses are perfect for people who have an oval face. They have almost perfectly proportional facial features and such eyeglasses are made for them. People with an oval face can wear almost any kind of glasses because their face has an almost perfect symmetry.

I will continue to show you a pair of cat-eye glasses that I really like and you can find it on voogueme.com.

This is the Vintage Blue Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses FP0124-02 a pair of modern glasses but with a vintage air that suits perfectly both office and casual outfits. It’s a pair of glasses that will attract attention. What do you think about it?

But if people with oval face enjoy eye glasses that does not mean for the rest of the people there are no beautiful eyeglasses. For every type of face, there is a perfect type of glasses.

For example, I’ll show you a pair of glasses for round face. It looks extremely good and you will find others like this pair.

This is Marilyn Monroe Black Cat Eye Glasses FT0017-02 and although it is cat eye glasses it fits very well a round face.

If I made you curious about these types of glasses I recommend you go to voogueme.com and you will find there other stylish glasses.

What type of eyeglasses do you wear?

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